Logistics & Customer Services Careers At Kruger Products

With establishments across Canada and the U.S., Kruger Products is a major producer of tissue papers for consumer at home use as well as for commercial and industrial use away from home. We have logistics & customer service roles at our plants as well as at our head office.

Planning roles are responsible for optimizing demand and supply planning processes to ensure we are able to exceed our customer’s expectations. Sales forecasting, capacity planning and inventory management are all key functions. Strong analytical skills are critical for these roles.

Logistics roles ensure we’re able to get materials and/or products to our internal and external customers to ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations through third-party freight providers. Strong customer service and negotiation skills are important for success in these roles.

Our customer service agents perform all customer order management activities while providing excellent service to our valued customers from order management through on-time delivery. We are seeking candidates with time management and problem solving skills and who are excellent communicators.

If you’re interested in joining our team, apply for positions through the Talent Network.